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About birgit morgenstern

birgit morgenstern studied at the hannover institude for art and design and graduated with a diploma in design. following her studies, she then worked for
a publishing house in hamburg. in 2004, she founded a design studio with its own screen printing workshop in lüneburg.the products include wallpaper, home textiles, pillows, tablecloths, napkins, gift papers and most recently also woolen scarves. in her wallpapers, the motifs and hand-silkscreen-printed on a thin fleece
paper, in irregular or regular intervals. the wallpaper on the wall connects almost completely with the background and the hand print stands on the wall. this effect gives the room a very special atmosphere. the coloration is decent and the wallpaper does not dominate the foreground but contributes to the residential atmosphere. from her decorative range, she develops with her customers individual wall and windows coverings which are tailored in color and distribution of the motifs to the respective premises. her color concept is sensitive and reserved and always relates to the interior spaces architecture. in an advisory capacity, she assists her clients in the selection and arrangement of the furniture.

best interior design studio 2019, build, home and garden, uk
german design award nominee 2018
interior innovation award iconic award, winner 2016
a-design award and competions nominee 2015